Homegrown Kids is a beloved Australian brand, passionately nurtured and developed by three dedicated Australian mothers. Since its inception five years ago by founder Emma Hawkins, Homegrown Kids has resonated deeply with families across the nation. Drawing inspiration from a picturesque childhood on a farm, the brand encapsulates the essence of Aussie upbringing through its unique children’s and baby clothing line.

Co - Founder Emma Hawkins 

Emma Hawkins grew up riding horses and climbing fences in Deniliquin NSW. She has idyllic memories of wide open spaces, the sun on her face and endless days stretching ahead of her for exploring and adventure. 

Do you know what she doesn’t remember? Uncomfortable fiddly clothes that hindered her single minded aim to have fun and make mischief. 

It is from these sun drenched days she draws her inspiration for Homegrown Kids. Emma is on a mission to let her kids be kids, and not let the clothes get in the way! 

From Deni to Melbourne to the Barrabool Hills, Emma spends her days chasing after Arabella, Primrose and Henry on the farm she shares with husband Tom. Tackling parenthood together, they have learned a lot, made a whole heap of mistakes and at the end of the very messy, busy day, raised some pretty wonderful kids!

She knows the importance of a two way zip on a growsuit when you are trying to change a nappy in the back of a car in the rain with a toddler ‘helping’ and a fairly important work function to get to.

Emma has created Homegrown because she craved practical, comfy clothes for babes  - clothes that still look gosh darn adorable.

Emma hopes that Homegrown joins your wonderful, busy family and years from now, you have fond memories of this special time - without any of the fuss and fiddle!

Homegrown… and a dream come true.